Cancer 'tidal wave' on horizon, warns WHO

Cancer is a global threat with new cases expected to rise from 14 million to 22 million, and cancer-related deaths from 8.2 million to 14 million per year in the next two decades (WHO). Traditional cancer treatment of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy has not significantly stopped this killer.

Aurora’s “Bionic” T Cells : CAR T-Cells engineered to kill cancer

We are born with an immune system within our bodies that contains an army of T cells capable of attacking and eliminating tumors. However, in cancer patients, these T cells are compromised, either fail to target or recognize cancerous cells, or are too few in number to lead an attack. Aurora’s revolutionary CAR T Cell Therapy change a cancer patient’s own weak T cells into “bionic” killing machines —highly targeted army bred to kill cancer. A cancer patient’s T cells are removed from a blood draw, genetically engineered in a laboratory, expanded to almost a billion CAR T cells, and re-infused back into the patient where they are better able to kill cancer.

Courtesy of Nature Magazine

Aurora’s Revolutionary CAR T cell Clinical Cancer Trials

Aurora’s CAR T Cells have been shown to kill multiple types of solid tumors in pre-clinical animal studies, and in completed human trials. In two completed Phase I/II clinical trials in Sarcoma and Glioblastoma, our revolutionary CAR T Cell therapy AU101 and AU105 showed it can be safe, produce tumor killing and increase survival benefits.

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