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Aurora BioPharma, Inc. to Present Groundbreaking CAR T Cell Therapy Clinical Data in Solid Tumors at NobleCon12 - Noble Financial Capital Markets' 12th Annual Investor Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 15, 2016 – Aurora BioPharma, Inc., based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a private biotechnology company commercializing cutting-edge CAR T cells and therapeutic vaccines combined with checkpoint inhibitors. The Company’s CEO, Robert Brooks, will present its clinical trial data at Club Med in Sandpiper Bay, Florida, on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 1:30 pm in Room 3.

Following the Conference on January 17 - 20th, a high-definition video webcast of Aurora’s presentation and a copy of the presentation materials will be available at and as part of a complete catalog of presentations available at Noble Financial websites:, or at market-opening on January 22nd. You will require a Microsoft SilverLight viewer (a free download from the presentation link) to participate. The webcast and presentation will be archived on the company's website and on the Noble websites for 90 days following the event.

About Aurora BioPharma, Inc.

Aurora is leading in the development of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T therapy in solid tumors. AU105 is a “living-drug” CAR T agent that has shown safety and efficacy in pre-clinical and human clinical trials. A Phase 1 trial was completed in 16 Glioblastoma patients, AU105 met its endpoints of safety, tumor killing efficacy, and showed promising signals of increased overall survival. Aurora is planning a randomized multi-site Phase II trial of AU105 in Early Diagnosed Glioblastoma, and a Phase I/II trial in Recurrent Glioblastoma with intracranial injection. Osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer in Children and Adolescents, even after radical amputation of a limb and chemotherapy, survival is poor. A Phase 1 trial in 19 Sarcoma patients was completed, AU-105 met its endpoints of safety, with strong signs of tumor killing efficacy. Aurora is planning a Phase II trial of its CAR T Cell therapy AU105 in Osteosarcoma. The Company also has an equity interest in MedVax Technologies, Inc., its p53 DC cancer vaccine MX-225 has completed two FDA Phase II clinical trials, in Small Cell Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer. The Company is planning a combination trial with MX-225 and a PD-1 antibody in lung cancer with a major pharmaceutical company. MX-225 is also in a Phase II combination trial in breast cancer with Indoximod, an IDO inhibitor from NewLink Genetics.

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New Paradigm in Cancer Immunotherapy

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